Saturday, April 07, 2007


There are some things that I liked while making the Teen Life Project and there are some things that I disliked. One thing that I disliked was doing the 500 words every week but I made them the saturdays because I had a lot of home work during the school week. I didn`t liked to research on the internet but I found good information that later help in my documentary.

I also liked very much the documentaries that we saw on the school because they showed the things that a good documentary should contain like interviews, intro, body, and conclusion. The documentaries were Spelling Bee, Super Size Me, The Ground Truth, Bowling for Columbine, and another one about global warming.

What I liked about my doucumentary is that we were the directors so we came up with brilliant ideas and weput them together. I liked when I filmed Daniel when he was playing a violent video game called "Gran theft Auto San Andreas," because he was making a disaster there was a pandemonium in the game. Also when he filmed me when I was playing a sport game called "Winning Eleven 10." It was cool to make interviews because you get to know other people`s point of view.

The Teen Life Project (TLP) was a very fun experince and I learned a lot with it. It aslo put our brains to work and to come up with excellent ideas.

Monday, March 26, 2007

How I imagine songs?

On the first song I imagine people on a car on the night watching and knowing all the history of a city. They are watching the city with their heads going out of the sun roof. However they are drinking margaritas and they are all laughing and enjoying the beatiful city. The city was like Las Vegas full with casinos and fancy restaurants. They were a man and a lady and they both had elegant dresses and they were drunk. I think they were drunk because they had won many money on the different games of the casino. The car was a huge, black limosine.

On the second song I imagine people dancing an irish dance in a a farm at night. The musicians are farmers and they are playing their tipical dance. There are also people dancing and kicking the wooden floor with their shoes. The dancers have a little straw in their mouth. There are alos kids dancing.

On the third song I imagine the rural areas of China and the farmers are picking up the crops and milking the cows in the early morning. I also imagine an old chinese singing to his grandsons the song of his ancestors.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Video Games

My next step of my International Teen Life project is to put more effects of video games on kids. For example the pros and cons of video games. First I was going to do this post in other things related to technology like ipods, cell phones, computers and their effects on kids. But I realize that I didn’t put enough information on the effects of video games on kids so to be more specific on this topic I decided to make my new post on this. Please read the copy and paste paragraph.

“In the last several years the television debate has been extended to video games, many of which involve aggression. Because the popularity of video games is relatively recent, only limited research has been conducted on its effects. However, several articles have recently reported that video games may have negative effects on children's aggression and desensitization to violence. For reactions to these studies and comments on the issue of video games and violence, AOK interviewed Richard Gallagher, Ph.D., Director of the Parenting Institute at the NYU Child Study Center.”

In this page I learned that video games of violence or agression are the most buyed video games by kids. Most of the kids are able to recognize the difference between the real life and fantasy, so they see this games as pointless entertainment. But there are others kids that like the violence, which may make a kid a bad view of other people and in a tomorrow they can be agressive in their thougths, attitudes, and actions. There are some “first-person” shooting games that looks that you were the one shooting so the kid could get use to violence. This kind of games are used in the army and it helps the militaries to get used to harm others and also to aim.

One con of video games is that it influence in the academic side because if a kid plays a lot of video games it takes up time that he can spend doing homework or other things related to school. Also in this page says that a kid becomes addicted to video games because if he wons he is rewarded with something, and if he lose it is easy to start again and continue to work on the mision. A video game can have and advantage in a kid’s coordination and the ability to think fast and study a situation if this kid don’t abuse of the video game. A kid can abuse of a video game by exaggerating in the time he plays it. So the results will come out if a kid plays a video game for a reasonable time.

I think that video games are not bad but I also think that they are not so good. I said that because a video game is not bad if a kid knows how many time is enough for him to play it. A video game is also good if a kid buys games with little violence content. Video games can also be good because they make you think fast and improve your vision if you are not sp close to the television. I said that video games are not so good because if you play them very close to the television it can harm your vision. And sometimes kids get like “addicted” to it so it can take up time that you should use to do school work.

Now that I have completed my research I don’t know were does my path leads because Mr. Hide told us that this was going to be our last step of research. I think that our next step would be to finish thinking in how our documentary would be and start planning or doing it. Maybe Mr. Hide would change his mind on saying that this would be our last post and put us another five-hundred words to do which me and my friends off course won’t like that idea.

Monday, February 19, 2007

How Does Video Games Affect Kid's Vision?

My next step of my International Teen Life Project is to put how does video games affect kid's health. I decided to do this post about that because I already wrote of video games and I wanted to do one of health. I also wanted to know how action video games affected the percent of a kid’s vision. Here is my copy and paste paragraph.

"Researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that people who played
action video games for a few hours a day over the course of a month improved by
about 20 percent in their ability to identify letters presented in clutter—a
visual acuity test similar to ones used in regular ophthalmology clinics."
In this page I learned that playing action video games can make changes in how our brain process visual information. Some times it can make you see symbols more clearly with one eye, even though that the symbols are very closer. These improvements are made when there is a substantial raise in the spatial motion of their vision. But these improvements can be notice after just 30 hours of playing.

One day Daphne Bavelier, a science professor, made a test with students from college. She divided the students into two groups. One of them was the experimental group and the other was the control group. In this test both groups needed to play a video game for one hour and then they needed to distinguish a “T” that was hidden with rare symbols. The experimental group played a game called “Unreal Tournament,” an action game, and the control group played “Tetris,” a game visually less complex. After one hour the experimental group could distinguish the “T,” but the control couldn’t. Action video games can make good and bad things to your vision. The good ones are the ones from the test that I just wrote, and the bad ones are that if you are playing the game very close to the television, the light that produce the game can give eye problems and you will need to use glasses or contact lenses.

I think that the parents should know what games they should buy to their children how many hours they should play on the day. Not only if in a test they show that if you play video games it will improve your ability to distinguish objects, you need to play a lot of video games. I have some recommendations for the parents:
You should let your kid play video games, but if you see him playing a lot you should stop him.
If you buy him an action game you should be aware if your kid is far away from the T.V because it produces a lot of light that can be harmful for their eyes.
I think that amount of hours that a kid should play in a day is 1 hour in a school day and 2 hours in the weekends. That is because in the school days a kid has more responsibilities.

Now I am interested in doing my new post on what are the effects of new technology like ipods, computers, cell phones, and other things that have to do with technology, on teenagers. Another thing that I would like to do is that since many teens use the computer I can make my new post on cyber-bulling.

Monday, February 12, 2007

(Video Games)Second Part of Technology

My next step of my topic which is technology and the things related to it is to do my post about the impact of video games on children. I entered google and I put "children, “then it appeared several links and I put “Video games and children." This topic is related to technology so I wanted to know how this topic affects teenagers. Read the copy and paste to see some effects of video games.

“Some research suggests that playing video games may affect some children's
physical functioning. Effects range from triggering epileptic seizures to
causing heart rate and blood pressure changes. Serious adverse physical effects,
however, are transient or limited to a small number of players. Research has
also identified benefits associated with creative and prosocial uses of video
games, as in physical rehabilitation and oncology (Funk, 1993). Proponents
of video games suggest that they may be a friendly way of introducing children
to computers, and may increase children's hand-eye coordination and attention to

In this page I learned that the rate of playing video games and watching television has doubled because following the statistics in 1967 the average of six-graders watching television per day was of 2.8 hours. And in the statistics of 1983 the average of six-graders was of 4.7 hours per day without counting the time they spent playing video games. This increase of rate can affect the children in health because maybe it can cause eye problems or problems to sleep because every body knows that sleeping has a huge influence in a kid’s growth.

Years ago seventh and eighth-graders had the chance to vote for their favorite video game category. The most voted category was of fantasy and violence which occupied 32% in the statistics. I also saw that that the second favorite category was of sports and other kinds of stuff that contained some violence. And this category occupied 29% in the statistics. The other 39% percent was divided into three categories, general entertainment theme, human violence, and educational content.
I also learned that there are more males that play video games than females.

I think that the rate of kids watching television and playing video games has increased because in the 1967 not so many people had a television so the one that had didn’t saw so much T.V because it did not have so many channels and sometimes the T.V didn’t worked. So when they made the voting in 1983 more people had more televisions at home and it worked better because of the advances of technology. I think that fantasy and violence was the favorite category of video games because when these kids were little maybe their parents saw with them Power Rangers or other T.V shows that contained guns and other stuff.

I also think that games with violence are the favorites of the children because they are full of entertainment and kids want to do all the things that appear in the movies and the television shows. Maybe the video games of sports are the second most favorite category because the children want to try to do the magic things that Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona, and other awesome soccer players do with the ball. I think that boys play more video games than girls because they are more interested in guns and cars.

Well, I already finished another part of my Teen Life Project topic which are “The Effects of Video Games and Technology on Teenagers.” Now I a going to look or search about how does vide games affect children’s health and how does other technological advances affect teens in other ways.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

First part of Technology

My topics for the Teen Life Project are things related to technology. Technology has many things but I wanted to get started with the internet. In Goggle I put “effects of technology on teens,” and saw some articles about technology on teens. As I read I understand that school is the place were more teenagers use the internet. Read the copy and paste to see the statistics.

The most recent Pew Internet Project survey finds that 87% of all youth between
the ages of 12 and 17 use the internet. That translates into about 21 million
people. Of those 21 million online teens, 78% (or about 16 million students) say
they use the internet at school. Put another way, this means that 68% of all
teenagers have used the internet at school.

I learned so many teenagers are using the internet at school to do homework, reports, projects, e.t.c. But many kids are doing copy and paste in their homework and the teachers in their schools are getting programs to find out if a kid is cheating or not. In my school if a teacher finds out if you are doing copy and paste you would received a suspension and a zero percent on your project or home work. But I believe that in schools that have low resources don’t have does programs to detect plagiarism. Other thing that I figured out on the internet is that many kids are using internet to see inappropriate contents like pornography, violence or other things that aren’t appropriate for their age. I also learned that kids are staying more time at their house in the computer chatting in messenger or hearing music for a very long time than knowing what is happening in the outside world or playing outside with their friends.

I think that technology has good and bad effects on teenagers all around the world. Some good effects are that it is a good source of information and you can use it to do projects, home works, or other things. I also think that people should not use internet to see inappropriate content because many statistics say that in the last years the average of teenagers using the internet for this bad things that are not for their age. Teenagers are also using the internet to see videos of violence or terrorism. Some videos such as tortures that show many blood and crazy people that do not think in others than him. I also think that spending many times in the computer can damage your vision and you would need to use eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Now that I already kind of finish my first part of my Teen Life Project topic with is technology, I am going to search about other things related to it such as ipods, cell phones, television, and other things. I hope that for the next part of this project I would found the right and much information about my topic. I would try to put information like how does ipods affect teens or how television affects them.

Mr. Hide I didn’t linke to other pages because I didn’t remember how to do it.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Favorite Hangout Places

I want to answer a question that I read on the Teen Life Project and it was made by Tyler and Dustin from Mr. Fisher’s class. The question was what are your favorite hangout places? My favorite hangout places are Campito 2010, Mc Donald’s, Otoyal, Andres´ house, and others more. I chose this four because there are the main ones.

My friends and I go a lot to the campito because we love soccer. Two months ago we won a tournament at this field and it was called the UEFA Champions League. We were the Real Madrid and we played the final against another team called Manchester United. We won 4-2. The 1, 2, and 3 places received medals, and the winners received a replica of the champions’ cup and a CD player. There were other prizes like a soccer ball to the best player of the tournament, a soccer ball to the kid who scored the most goals and soccer gloves for the best goalkeeper. We go almost all weekends to the Campito 2010.

We also go a lot to Mc Donald’s to eat and to hangout with our friends. Before almost all Friday plans were to go to Mc Donald’s. Mc Donald’s is places were all the teenagers join and meet other people. Sometimes when we are on the cinema and the movie ends we go to eat to Mc Donald’s. The best things that I like in Mc Donald’s are it French fries and it ice creams. My favorite ice cream there is the Sundae which almost every Sunday I go and eat it after church. When I go to eat I eat a Mc Tocineta with French fries and coke.

Another place that we usually go is the Otoyal. It took this name because the owner’s last name is Otoya. The Otoyal is a restaurant were they sale hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and meat sticks. They also sale bread because it is also a bakery. The hamburgers of this place are very very good and the hot dogs too. As I said with Mc Donald’s, the Otoyal is a center of teenagers too. For me the best bread comes from the Otoyal.

Andres house is another place were we and my friends usually hangout. You would ask why I chose a friend’s house as a hangout place. Well, before almost all the weekends we went to this house because Andres has some soccer goals and we do tournaments which are very fun. He also has a PS2, Wii, and a computer so we are never bored on his house. Some fun PS2 games are Winning eleven 10, Tony Hawk underground 2, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Metal Gear. Some fun games of wii are Wii Sports, Zelda, Call of Duty 3, and Trauma Center. We play soccer on his patio but when the cars of his parents are parked there or we ask them if they can move it, or we play on the street since that street is not so bussy.

Well, I already answer this question now is your time to answer it.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sports Maniac

Hi, my name is Juan M, I have 13 years old and I am in seventh grade at Colegio Jorge Washington of Cartagena, Colombia. I have two brothers older than me and I also have many friends. My school starts at 7:00A.M and it ends at 2:30P.M. My seventh grade teachers are Mr. Hide and Ms. Hall. My favorite sport is soccer and for me I play it very well. I like to play other sports like baseball, basketball, ping pong e.t.c. The things that I do when I am with my friends are to go to the Campito 2010, a mini soccer field, and play soccer with my friends, to go to Mc Donald's, Otoyal, Crepes and Waffles, and other restaurants. Some times we go to the closest theatre to see a movie. I am in the school’s soccer team as some of my friends and every year we have some tournaments with schools from other cities. We tournament called Binational Games were we go to another city for about a week to play sports. We have to recesses at school. The first one starts at 10:15A.M to 10:45A.M and in this recess we play. The second recess starts at 12:40P.M to 1:00P.M and in this recess we eat and sometimes we play.

When I grow up I want t have a good job were I earn a good amount of money. A job where I feel good working. Some jobs that I have in mind are an engineer or an arquitect.

Here are some issues that I chose for me English project:

· Drugs and Alcohol: Younger people are consuming a lot of alcohol and drugs. This can influence more kids to consume it because some are seen it daily.

· Environmental: The causes of the global warming are smog burned fuels, smoke from factories, burned trash, etc. This can affect us later with the melting of the ice on the poles which cause higher sea level. The increasing of the sea level can affect cities build near the ocean.

· Crimes: Some people are making many crimes like stealing, corruption, murders and these are damaging cities. For example, if someone wants to build a bridge so he give an specific amount of money to the bridge builders. The chief of the builders takes half of the money to himself and the other half is use to buy cheap materials to build the bridge. Because the bridge is going to be made by cheap and bad materials, when the bridge is built it may damage soon.

New things for my intro:

Technology: It wil affect us in the future in good and bad ways. The good ones are that the things are going to be faster and easier to do because new machines can be able to make you stuff in seconds so you don´t need to be in a hurry. And the bad ones are that some persons are going to loose their jobs because new machines are going to do their job.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Second Match in the Campito´s Tournament

This is the cup that me and my team want in our hands.

As Sebastian summarized the first match of the Campito´s tournament, I am going to do the same with the second.

At 10:45 in the morning a lead my way to the Campito. I was the first person of my team that arrived. Then Orlando, Sabastian, Miguel, and Stefano arrived. I don´t why the other people at my team went. Valencia, the team that we were going to play against with, had only four players so we needed to play 5 against 4. They needed to start playing because they were less. At the first minute of the match, I scored a goal.

Then my teammates started to make their goals. Almost all of my team scored goals exept Sebastian because he is the goalkeeper. The first half ended and the score was 4-0. At the ten- minute recess we hydrated with water and we talked about match. We realized that we didn´t score some goals that were easy to made them. And if we would had scored does goals we would be like 10-0 in the first half.

After that the referee called us to the field. Now it was our turn to start. During the match we kept scoring goals and they weren´t. Later their fifth player arrived but he went without shoes so he returned to his house to get his shoes. I heard a worker from the Campito that said, "Is like he go to school without his books and his pencil." Five minutes passed and he arrived and he entered as goalkeeper. Then one a player from the other team took advantage of a mistake of one of my teammates, and he scored the first goal of the other team. Then at the last minute one of my teammates scored a goal.

The final score was 10-1 and if we would had scored all the chances that we had, the final score would had increased to 30-1. I scored 3 goals and Miguel and Stefano too, and Orlando scored 1. In total our team has 11 goals in favor and 2 against without counting the penalties. We are satisfied with our with the score and we are proud of us too. I hope we win the other 5 matches that approach.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monsters are Due on Maple Street

"The mob pick the most dangerous enemy they can find...and it's themselves." I think that this message means that they were the most dangerous enemies because of the way they tried to solve their problems. The way the residednts tried to solve the problem of the blackout was trying to find a scapegoat in the group. Everyone was blaming other people without knowing who was the responsable of the strange things that were happening. The aliens said that they could leave them in there and let them destroy themselves one to the other. So the real monsters were themselves. Also the Narrator's Voice said,"There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attidudes, prejudices to be found only in the minds of men." I think this is the answer that the world is full of Maple Streets because the monsters are created in the inside of the men.

I agree with the message because when you are in those situations most people go "crazy." They go crazy because they start to blame each other without having evidence that he or she is the responsable of the problem. I think that the message of this story still has significance in today's world because it can influence people to calm down and try to solve their problems in a peacefull way to prevent more and more problems. An example in today's world is with Colombia and the "Guerilla." We haven't solve that problem and get to an agreement. Also when terrorists crashed the airplanes to the Twin Towers.

If this story could be updated it would be more realistic. It would be more realistic because it would be at my time which I know what is happening in the world around me. So the little kids would understand the message of the story more because they don't what happened in 1960. People don't have much evidences that can prove that there are aliens traveling in the space. The equipment that would be affected if the story is updated wouldn't be as the ones that were affected back in 1960. It wouldn't be affected as much because now we have more technology and in some places were there is a blackout they use their electric plant. Maybe the portable things could be damaged but you never know, technology keeps growing. Aplace that would be interesting for this story to happen is in a big city with more people and there would more suspense. Tommy could know about aliens using internet or new books that have knowledge about the few evidences that we have about aliens.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Copa Moya...

Last Thursday, October 26, the Copa Moya began. The Copa Moya is tournament that is made every year and high and middle school play it. The school invites other seven schools to make two groups each with four teams. First we need to play with all the teams in our group. An then the best two teams of each group pass to the semifinals. We already played a game with a school called Abolsure and we lost 2-0. I think that we didn´t played very well that match because it was a school that we had never played before so we didn´t knew how do they play and because it was raining a little that day so some persons were sliping including me. Our goalkeeper that day was Rich, from eight grade, and I think that he played really good that day. He use his basketball abilities to catch the balls that reached him.

Another thing was that the other team was really good. I played the second half that day and for me I didn´t played very good because I didn´t put all of my effort. At the end of the match our coach told us that our next match was on Saturday in the morning and we were going to play vs a school called Real Cartagena. And in that match I was going to try to put all of my effort.

Saturday came and my dad took me to the schoo. In there I saw that Miguel,Julian, Augusto,Farid, and Daniel were already there. We were bored so we decided to go the Olimpica to buy something. When we arrived to the Olimpica the only who buyed something was Miguel so the we went and we didn´t buy anything. I didn´buy because I had breakfast just before that. When we were supposed to play the match we notice that the other team didn´t came. Our coach divided the team in two, Team A and Team B. I was in Team B. The coach told me that he wanted to prove me like the creator of my team and my real positon was forward but I do what my coach said. My team played very well the first half but in the second they scored us a goal. Eventhough we lost 1-0,I was proud of me because I made a great shot from outside of the are and the ball was going drectly to the angle, but Rich reached it. I think that we aren´t going to do bad on this cup but I also think that we are not going to do very good.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Campito 2010,One of The Most Visited Places in Cartagena

Last year some people built the Campito 2010. It is a covered field with artificial grass. To be able to play in this place you need to make a reservation to see what hours they have and you need to pay. It costs 90.000 pesos per hour and you need to pay depending in the persons who go.The reason in which you need to pay that price is because they need to maintain the grass and other things. This place has an office, bathrooms, and a store were they sale drinks and food. One thing that I like about this place is that when you are going to play you can pick the shirt of a team in the world. That is very cool because yo can play the major classics in the world like FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Boca Juniors vs River Plate and many more. Me and my friends are fans of this place so we know all the workers in there. Since we go a lot of times to this place, the workers let us pay less then the real price.

I love the artificial grass because if you fell down it doesn´t hurts. It is really good for the goalkeepers because they need to be jumping everytime. The ball only goes out when it pass the line of the goal, that is because the rest of the field is surrounded by a 1 meter wall. This place is very cool because they organize a lot of tournaments for different ages. I recomend this place for everybody because of all the things it has and becase it is a nice place to pass a great time with your friends.

(Short Story) Friday Night Problem

In a night of the Friday, October 20, 2006, Jose was trying to find out what he was going to do that night. He wanted to do something at night like all the Fridays. So he called andres to organized the plan. After several rings, Andres picked up the phone.
"What are we going to do tonight?," Jose asked Andres.
"I don´t know lets go to Mc Donalds,"said Andres with a not nice tone.
No, lets go to another place because we always go to Mc Donalds. Lets go to Crepes and Waffles,"proposed Jose.
Andres responded, "Then why do you want my opinion. I will go and pick you up at 7:00PM." Jose said, "Ok."

At 7:00, Andres went to pick up Jose and they went inmediatly to Crepes and Waffles. When they arrived they saw an empty table and they went to it.

Then the waitress came and said, "Hi my name is Rosa, here is the menu."
Then she asked Andres,"What are you going to eat?"
Andres answered,"I am going to eat a grilled chicken and I hope it comes well cooked."
Then Rosa asked Jose in a nervously way because of the way Andres responded her.Jose said, "I would like that too please."

After ten minutes the food came. Jose started cutting it and he ate his first bite. Then Andres ate his first one and looked with anger to Rosa.
Then he said, "I told you that I wanted the chicken well cooked and you do the opposite."
Then Rosa answered, "But, but I bring it and it was very hot."
Jose said, "Mines is good and it is the way I wanted to it to be."
Then Andres said with a high voice," You see, you see why do his food is well cooked and mines isn´t, why?. Here people are stupid and don´t know how to do anything, not even to attend clients the way they want. I am going to make a demand to this place for its bad service." All the people in the restaurant was staring at Andres.

Andres seemed to want to make the life impossible to the poor Rosa. He kept shouting to Rosa and saying that she didn´t knew how to do nothing and that she was an ignorant.
Jose said, "Please Andres this is not so bad for you to be shouting to inocent people and saying that you are going to demand this place just for a little problem."
Andres said,"No, it is a big problem,I come here to have a good time,to talk,and to eat good food and the first thing that they do is giving the food not the way I wanted it to be." Rosa was very scared and she looked like she was going to cry.

"But Andres calm down please, look all the persons are looking at us as we were crazy people. We can solve this problem in a peacefull way," said Jose.
Andres kept shouting as if he was ignoring Jose.
He said, " But how do these things happen and why does it happens to me."
Jose was starting to loose his pacience.
Then he said,"But listen to me, you need to calm down please, it is not good to be shouting to people because then you are going to be without friends.Look at Rosa she is almost crying and you are shouting to her." Then Rosa started to cry.

The noise reach to the office of Jorge, the restaurant manager. Then he came to table were tha problem was and he saw that Rosa was crying.
He asked her," Why are you crying?"
She answered,"Because I am going to loose my job."
Then Jorge asked her," But why are you going to loose your job, what have you made?"
Andres said, " I can explain you what happened."
Jorge said, " Lets go to my office and you tell me." When they arrived to the office they sat down in some seats and Andres started telling him that Rosa didn´t gave him the food well cooked and he told her that he wanted the food like that.
Jorge said, " We can solve this problem right now."

Jorge told Rosa to cook Andres´food and told Andres that if he wanted his food more cooked, he only needed to asked the the waitress if she can cook it a little bit more so we don´t get more problems. He also told Andres that he needed to be calmer when he is solving problems and Andres agreed with that. Then Rosa came with the food and Andres apologized with her. He told her that he was the stupid for shouting at her and he said that he was not going to do it again.After that he ate his food and learn the lesson that he needed to treat others as he wanted others to treat him.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Horrible Trip

In one summer, one of my dad´s friends invite all the family to his island in Baru. (1)The day that we were going I packed my shoes, my clothes, my soccerball, and my mosquito repelent. (2)When we arrived to the harbor were the boat was, I realized that the boat was little, dirty, and without an strong engine. (3)My dad told me that it wasn't really an island in the open sea, he told me that we could get there by boat, by car, or by any other thing. (4)While we were on the way, the boat jumped, it produce a strange sound, and it was very slow.

I was very hungry so I started to search for some food. (5)Under the seat, there were some potatoe chips. Let me tell you something, those chips were very old. I had a horrible stomachache for the rest of the way. (6)A kid telling stupid jokes, bored me. (7)Whenever I eat something old, I go directly to the bathroom. (8)Yes, it was a horrible trip but a funny experience.

1-series of objects
2-series of modifiers
3-series of phrases
4-series of independent clauses
5- prepositional phrase
6- participial phrase
7- adverb clause
8- yes, no, or interjection

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Montoya´s First Race In His New Season

In the afternoon of the day of Friday, October the 6th, the exformula 1, Juan Pablo Montoya made his first race in the US ARCA Series. These series are raced in a kind of cars type stock. Montoya arrived in third place on the Talladega track. He said that he had never had so much fun in his life of racing. The only thing he was frightened about is that he was always in danger.

The race was stopped when it had 14 laps more to go,due to the darkness in the track. Eventhough Montoya´s car was the best, he had two riders of his same racing team,Chip Ganassi Racing, infront of him. Montoya started second and his first lap he passed the first racer, Bobby Gerhart, in his number 4 Dodge.

He was at the command for 9 laps before Gerhart and another group passed beside him. After that he went to third place and stayed there. Then a car started to turn and it crashed at a corner of Montoya´s car and caused some damages. After that crashed he went to pits to fixed it.
I think that Montoya did really well on his first race in these cars and I am sure that he is going to do well for the rest of the season.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A House Problem

I have different ways to deal with my problems. An example is that we can say that we both sorry and we forget the problem or we can get to an agreement in which we both don't say or do thingd that will hurt him. When I need to solve a problem and I am under pressure we could solve it fast by adding fast solutions like they are not going to do or say tings that hurt each other. If the conflict is severe we could go to see an adult or a mature person that can help us fix the problem.Sometimes when I am trying to solve a prblem I use bad habits like fighting or telling each other bad words.

A problem that I remembered is when I was in my house with my brother and I was going to do my homework. Then my brother arrived and he turned on the T.V. I told him that I was going to do my homework and he needed to turn off. He didn't wanted to turn off because few days before, he was reading a book in the room and I entered the room and started making noise. So it was like the payback day. I got very angry and we started to fight. Then my mother and my older brother came to separate us. We made a mistake trying to solve that problem because we didn't gave strategies to solve the problem so we fought. We started to fight because I was very angry and he was bothering me.After that my mom grounded us for a week. Then I apologized with my brother and we made an agrrement that if someone needed to do a homework, he needed to do it on other part.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Boat Ride

Last week Arnold invited me to a boat ride. He also invited Miguel,Stefano,Augusto,Sergio, and Sebastian. On the way Arnold put his Linkin Park cd and we listened to its songs. One of the songs was called "Numb" which was the song of the movie "Miami Vice", so we looked that we were on the movie.

We caried a "donut" which is a thing in shape of a donut, full with air and it have capacity of two persons. We all ride it and it was very cool because we were crashing against the waves produced by the engines of the boat. After that we stopped in a place and we dived through a coral. It was very cool because we saw a lot of colorful fish.Then we ate hotdogs with coca-cola.
The hotdogs were so good that I repeated.

After that we ride donut again but we changed couples.One turn was Arnold and Augusto and it was very funny when Augusto shouted when they crashed against the waves.Then we returned to Cartagena. It was a cool experience because I passed a good time with my friends.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogging,Educacional and Fun

I found similiarity between my expectations and what my blog really is now. I knew that it was going to be fun to read other people's posts and leave comments of what do you think his post was.It is not easy to maintain it because you always need to write new posts and be ware of spelling mistakes. I feel very happy about my blog because if we were to do this on a journal it wouldn't be cool because we will need to write a lot. The advantage of doing it on the computer is that we could write a lot but not getting as tired as doing it on a journal.

My feeling hasn't changed since the beggining because it is almost exactly what I imagined only that blogger doesn't correct your mistakes so you need to be reading your post a couple of times. I think that putting links to your posts is very cool because if you click it it would lead you to a place that has more information of the topic you are writing about. Before creating my blog, it didn´t passed through my head that we were going to make a web were we could put cool things and people could comment about it. I had made blogs like the 2006-2007 Junior Varsity Team, FC Barcelona,Steve Irwin and others more. From blogging I have learn how to link, how to publish a post,and how to comment others by writing what I think of his or her blog.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

FC Barcelona

Barcelona is my favorite team in the world. I like it not only because it has good players and win a lot of games, I like it because they know how to play in a team. FC Barcelona was founded in 1899. Its stadium is Camp Nou which capacity is about 98.000 people. Barcelona won the recent UEFA Champions League against Arsenal by 2 goals to 1. Barcelona´s goals were from Eto´o and Belletti and Arsenal´s goal was from Campbell. Barcelona has other players like Puyol, Rafa Marquez, Messi, Deco, Valdez, Ronaldinho e.t.c.For me Ronaldinho is the best player in the world.

Barcelona´s coach is Frank Rijkaard. I think he is doing a great job. Barça,a nickname for Barcelona, enemy is Real Madrid. They are both very good teams but if they were to play a match Barcelona probably would won. This picture shows FC Barcelona with its away uniform.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rat Invasion

Last week I read a story called the Three Skeleton Key. It was a good story and had some parts that where very cool. Like the one when the the rats came and covered all the lighthouse so the three persons couldn't get out. It was a part of suspense because when I was reading it I didn' know what was going to happened next for example if the rats where going to get in and eat the three persons or if the persons will escape and kill the rats. I laugh at that part because it supposed that we need to trap rats no that the rats trap us.

This part reminds me about about a movie called "The Dawn of The Dead."I found the similiarity between the movie and the story when the in the movie, people where trapped in a mall and there were deads outside and they wanted to get inside. Although this story was a scary one, it didn't scared me.In the movie they get out of the mall by escaping in some buses that where arranged for killing the deads and in this story they killed the rats by putting gasoline in meat and then the rats went to eat it and then they put the meat on fire. The movie and the story were very cool.